What time should we arrive?
– Gates open at 4:00pm day of show, music starts at 6:00pm. First come, first parked within each section, so arrive early!
Will there be restrooms?
– Yes, porto-jons will be on hand and cleaned every 15 minutes, cones will be used to ensure social distancing.
Are we allowed to be outside our vehicle?
-Yes but you MUST stay with in the width of your vehicle. You can not dance or group with anyone outside of your vehicle. We will have staff monitoring for social distancing, please follow their instructions. You will be asked to leave if you do not comply. We are all in this together, be safe and be smart.
Will you have concessions?
– Yes, concessions will be open and there is no outside beverages except water allowed. Food is allowed. Please maintain social distancing when standing in line for concessions. 
Can I bring alcohol?
– NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Cars will be searched on arrival and prohibited items will be confiscated.
Can we reserve spots next to friends?
– No reserving spots. If groups want to park near each other they must arrive together. We recommend meeting up prior to arriving to ensure we can accommodate you.
Will I be able to leave anytime during the event or are we stuck in our spot until the end?
– Generally no. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis for emergencies.
Can I sit in the back or my truck?
– Yes, you can sit in the back of your truck but you must be level with the roof-line of your vehicle.
Can I bring my pets?
– No, unfortunately not. Service animals only.
Can i leave my car and lights on?
– All cars must be turned off once you are parked. 
If you have any other specific questions not covered here, please reach us via social media DM, or email stagewestscranton@gmail.com